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The Author

Born is Santa Clara, Cuba; Teresa Vázquez Martínez immigrated with her parents and sister to the United States in 1970 to be established in Central Florida. After twelve years as a language teacher with the public school system, she founded the Institute of Spanish Communication, Inc. in 1989, an entity dedicated to language instruction, translation, interpretation and training. She is also the producer and host of “Comunidad Viva,”a television and radio talk show.

Her passion to motivate people to make their dreams come true, has allowed her to become one of the most influential Latina leaders in her community. In 2006, the Board of Polk County Commissioners proclaimed the 6th of June as “Teresa Martínez Day.” The Governor of Florida also honored her with the “Point of Light Award.”

Teresa has traveled to numerous Latin American and European countries as travel manager and interpreter for the Miss Universe Organization, as well as coordinating and organizing international exchange student programs.

She serves on numerous boards of directors in her community and holds a seat on the Board of Trustees for Polk State College.


An inspirational bilingual book about the lives of 25 Cuban families and their valiant struggles to flee the island. Through faith, perseverance and their education, they found Success in Exile.

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“In this book, Teresa achieves the perfect blend of tragedy and triumph told through the personal stories within its covers. “Success in Exile” allows the reader to experience the rich heritage and culture exiled Cuban Nationals tenaciously clung to while, at the same time, wholeheartedly embracing a new country and the freedoms and opportunities that ultimately transformed them into successful Cuban AMERICANS! “Success in Exile” is both masterfully done and beautifully illustrated.”

Cindy Rodriguez, Former Polk County Communications Director


The Artist

Born in Pinar del Río, Cuba, Carlos Luna is an internationally renowned contemporary painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist.

Along with his art, his extraordinary story is featured in “Success in Exile. Five Decades of Cuban Stories.”


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“Teresa Vazquez Martinez presents a collection of compelling and fascinating stories about the migration of Cuban exiles to the United States. Teresa’s book, which includes details of her own personal journey, reveals the social and political dimensions of fleeing Cuba as well as the emotional toll on families. The stories are filled with inspirational accounts of success, prosperity, love and perseverance. Educators will find this book an excellent resource for exposing students to the many facets of the exile experience.”

Eileen Holden, Former President of Polk State College

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